Provide Resources

Providing Resources with Resistor AI

This is an approach that empowers individuals not just to participate in the blockchain but to actively contribute to the AI landscape. With Resistor AI, anyone can run a node, transforming their computational resources into a pivotal part of our AI and blockchain ecosystem.

Empowering Nodes as AI Service Providers

Participants in the Resistor network can do more than mine transactions; they become integral AI service providers or oracles. This unique role allows node operators to earn rewards by performing AI routines. Whether it's processing data, executing smart contract instructions, or providing AI-driven insights, your contributions are valued and compensated within the Resistor AI platform.

Oracle Services

Currently, oracles within the Resistor AI ecosystem require their own smart contract to interact with the network. This setup ensures security and individualized control over the services provided. However, we're not stopping there. Looking ahead, Resistor AI aims to streamline these interactions through the development of an automated queue system. This future innovation will enable providers to work together seamlessly, ensuring efficient distribution of tasks and optimizing the network’s AI capabilities.

See It in Action

Don’t just take our word for it; see the power of Resistor AI's Provide Resources feature in action. We invite you to visit to explore an example of how our network is already facilitating AI services on the Testnet. This live demonstration showcases the practical application of decentralized AI services, offering a glimpse into the future of AI and blockchain integration.

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