AI Marketplace

For Developers:

Resistor AI's marketplace empowers developers to leverage blockchain technology for creating and monetizing custom AI models. It provides a straightforward path for developers to share their innovative AI solutions with a wider audience. Through our platform, developers have the tools and support necessary to import, train, and refine their AI code and models, making them available for use and purchase by others. This not only opens up new revenue streams for developers but also contributes to the collective advancement of AI technologies.

For Individuals and Companies:

Access to cutting-edge AI models is no longer exclusive to large corporations. Resistor AI's marketplace democratizes this access, allowing both individuals and companies to discover and deploy the most advanced AI models available. By fostering a community of developers and AI enthusiasts, we facilitate significant advancements in AI, ensuring our users benefit from continuous innovation and improvement. Whether for enhancing business operations, research, or personal projects, our platform connects you with AI solutions that meet your needs.

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