Host Your AI Project

Renting Processing Power

Users have the option to rent processing power directly through the blockchain, facilitating a streamlined process for accessing computational resources. This approach ensures that developers have the capacity to run their AI code without the need for substantial upfront investment in hardware.

Remote Instance Execution

The platform supports remote execution of AI instances on-demand via API calls. This feature allows users to initiate, manage, and terminate their AI applications remotely, providing flexibility and control over how and when their AI models are deployed.

Model Training and Data Export

A key aspect of hosting AI projects on Resistor AI is the ability to train models through ongoing usage within the blockchain environment. The platform is designed to learn from interactions, thereby enhancing the AI model's effectiveness over time. Following model training, a data file encapsulating the learning outcomes and improvements will be automatically exported. This ensures that users can continuously refine their models based on real-world application and feedback.

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