Deploying Smart Contracts

For developers looking to deploy Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts within the Resistor AI ecosystem, the process remains streamlined and accessible, leveraging familiar tools and environments. Below, we outline the recommended steps for deploying your EVM contracts effectively:

  1. Utilize Familiar IDE/Deployer:

    • Start by using a standard IDE or contract deployment tool that you're comfortable with, such as Remix. Remix offers a user-friendly interface and robust functionality for writing, testing, and deploying your smart contracts directly in your browser.

  2. Network Configuration:

    • Navigate to the Blockchain section within our documentation or platform interface to find the necessary details to add the Resistor AI network to your wallet. This step ensures that your development environment is properly set up to interact with the Resistor AI blockchain.

  3. Selecting Injected Provider in Remix:

    • Within Remix, select "Injected Provider" as your environment option. This setting allows Remix to connect directly with your web3 wallet (e.g., MetaMask), facilitating the deployment of your contract to the Resistor AI network.

  4. Deployment Best Practices:

    • Use the EVM Paris Version

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