Advanced Proprietary Models

These models are meticulously designed to address the nuanced needs of various sectors, providing targeted solutions that enhance performance and efficiency.

Sector-Specific Focus

Understanding the diverse requirements across industries, Resistor AI’s proprietary models are fine-tuned to serve distinct applications. Our efforts are concentrated on creating models that excel in areas such as copywriting, marketing, social media content creation (including image, video, and post generation), and enterprise-grade chatbots. This sector-specific approach ensures that each model delivers optimal results, tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within each domain.

Applied Use Case and Interface

To make these advanced models readily accessible, Resistor AI develops web interfaces that allow users from specific sectors to engage with the AI in a user-friendly and performant manner.

Examples of application:

  • Enterprise Chatbot

  • Marketing suite

  • Social media suite - Image and video and post generation

  • Copywriting

Developer Integration

In addition to direct application, Resistor AI’s proprietary models are accessible to developers via our API, enabling them to build upon our technology and integrate these advanced capabilities into their own applications. This openness fosters innovation within the developer community, allowing for the creation of new tools and services that leverage the strength of Resistor AI’s models.

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