On-Chain AI

How It Works

The journey begins with a user making an AI request directly on the blockchain. This could be anything from a query to a complex data analysis task. The request is recorded on-chain, ensuring transparency and immutability. Once the request is made, it doesn't linger in the ether; instead, it is promptly picked up by a specialized node known as an oracle.

These oracle nodes are the powerhouses of the On-Chain AI model. Upon receiving a request, an oracle node springs into action, performing the required AI computation off-chain. This off-chain computation allows for the flexibility and scalability needed to handle complex AI tasks without overburdening the blockchain network. After the computation is complete, the oracle node then posts the result back on the blockchain.

The Advantages

  1. Transparency: Every request and response is recorded on the blockchain, providing a transparent ledger of AI interactions. This transparency builds trust among users, as they can verify the integrity and history of their AI requests.

  2. Security: Leveraging the inherent security features of blockchain technology, On-Chain AI ensures that AI requests and computations are protected against unauthorized access and tampering and only decryptable by the owner of the request.

  3. Deep Learning: A blockchain acts as a dynamic information network, enhancing and refining its capabilities with usage. It learns to auto-correct and enrich prompts, enabling it to deliver accurate data directly, reducing the need for off-chain computation.

  4. Accessibility: By decentralizing AI computations across a network of oracle nodes, On-Chain AI democratizes access to artificial intelligence. Users across the globe can tap into powerful AI capabilities without needing to invest in expensive computational resources.

  5. Profitability: Instead of enriching AWS and OpenAI, empower developers to earn by offering their computing power and creating and selling unique AI models.

Example of the Resistor's Decentralized Chat Completion

Request: https://scan-testnet.resistorai.org/tx/0x8d4018bf32a7016868dd0fe5f8737f92ac44d712a7d3a5e98593cb7b14f1b808?tab=logs

Response: https://scan-testnet.resistorai.org/tx/0x1c166443c792c496ba6e799ee7d44844d73653341bb77eba31b84a3de0845bda?tab=logs

Try it yourself: https://resistorai.org/chat

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